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PWM Controller
Part Number CharacterVDD(V)SW Voltage(V)FrequencyRDS(ON)Output CurrentPower(W) AdaptorPower(W) OpenFramePackage TypeCross Reference
AP8263PWM12 to 25-65kHz----SOT-26OB2263
AP8022PWM10 to 3575060kHz10Ω600mA--DIP8Viper22
AP8012PWM10 to 3575045kHz18Ω440mA--DIP8 SOP8Viper12
AP8024PFM10 to 20650-13.5Ω490mA--DIP7-
AP2358PWM10.7 to 2760048kHz4.4Ω--12DIP7OB2358
AP2273PWM10 to 30-65kHz----SOT-26-
AP8147PWM9.0 to 2465060kHz3.6Ω-1218DIP7-
AP8836PWM/PFM10 to 30650-1.6Ω-18 15-DIP8 SOP8SY50136
AP8366PWM/PFM8 to 30650
AP8275PWM /PFM8 to 4080065/85kHz--120-SOP7
AP8370APWM10 to 30650-3.6Ω---SOP7 DIP7 DIP8
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