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Product Manager 工作代碼

1. Study market trends and information to find new opportunities for AiT's products.

2. To come out product strategy to enlarge the business.

3. Generate Revenue responsibility on products.

4. Visit key accounts regularly to promote AiT products, win mind share, understand customer needs and follow up on design in activities.

5. Generate new product opportunities and work with FAE to justify and generate new product development projects.

6. Products marketing activities such as product plan generation, product launch activities, field training material generation and promotional slide generation.

7. Review relevant market data.  Generate and maintain database on market trends, customer activities and market opportunity data.

BSEE or MSEE/MEEE or equivalent experience with 3 years or more of IC product marketing experiences or application engineer experiences.
1. Technical and market knowledge in one or more applications, e.g. consumer, portable, wireless, Display, lighting etc. 2. Skilled in market data gathering, database management and data analysis 3. Accomplished in promotional slide generation 4. Good interpersonal skills 5. Good communication skills
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